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The Burn of Whilk Wind Farm community benefit fund is available to individuals and community groups residing within the Lybster, Latheron & Clyth and Tannach & District Community Council areas through the Lybster & Tannach non-formal learning bursary scheme.

This scheme supports non-formal learning projects. This means projects that aren’t confined to a specific curriculum but where people  take responsibility for creating learning experiences either for themselves, for their group or their community, based on what they need to know rather than what others’ think they ought to know.

Funding will be administered to successful applicants regularly at each meeting of the Directors.  Date of Directors meetings will be available on this website.

More information about the types of projects this scheme supports can be found within the Funding Guidelines. Anyone wishing  more information, advice and support on how to make an application to the fund should contact the local development officer (details below.)

The Funding Guidelines and application forms can be found on the ‘Application’ page.

If you fail to meet the funding criteria, your application may be rejected.

For any other  information,  please contact Lybster and Tannach on

Tel: 0770 498 2601

or email